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Many times we speak to customers who ask for ‘cheap scales’, our reply is simple;


This is true; we don’t, however we do supply a range of cost effective scales that fit even the tightest budget. Our ethos has always been to sell weighing scales that we would be happy using our selves.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tanita KD160 Kitchen Scale 2kg/ 1g + 1 Year Warranty



Tanita KD-160 digital cooking scales are perfect for weighing ingredients for cooking, measuring portion sizes for diets. This scale is also terrific for general household use, such as weighing mail for postage, for crafts and candle-making, or even to weigh small animals..

* Easy to Use, Fast & Instant Display
* 2 Selectable Weighing Modes:Grams or Ounces
* With Tare Weighing Function
* Large, easy to read 9mm (0.35")
* 4 Digits LCD display
* Oversized Detachable Bowl
* Longer Battery Life (New Technology)
* Auto Power Off
* 4 pcs AAA battery
* Capacity: 2kg
* Division: 1g

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Anonymous said...

I like this...please tell me how to order. tansp80@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Online Scale Store offers the best rate I found so far. Their shipping service is really efficient too! I ordered in the morning and I got the item the next day! Thanks, Sheryl, for the great service!

Hamzah from Shsh Alam

Molly said...

is this still available?

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