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Many times we speak to customers who ask for ‘cheap scales’, our reply is simple;


This is true; we don’t, however we do supply a range of cost effective scales that fit even the tightest budget. Our ethos has always been to sell weighing scales that we would be happy using our selves.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Why purchase from us?

1 Best Deal Guarantee - There is much more to getting the best deal than just the lowest price. We are proud to have the industry's best Customer Service along with competitive pricing. If you find a better deal from an authorized reseller, let us know and we'll do everything to match or beat it. Our Best Deal Guarantee ensures that we always provide you with the best value for your money.

2 Wide Product Selection and Availability - We service & sell virtually all brands of scales! Tanita, Digi, Cas, Dickson, Nhon Hoa, Camry, etc.

3 Attentive Customer Service - We recognize your business is of vital importance to us. Consequently, we will treat you like you are of vital importance to us. We will promptly address your needs via telephone, e-mail, fax or conventional mail.

4 Loyal Customers - We have many repeat customers. Their continued confidence & satisfaction is extremely important to us. Consequently, we are able to offer high quality goods and services @ the lowest prices possible. These products are simple to use, durable for everyday use, and come with generous warranties.

5 Trusted Seller - We only sell genuine brand name products with 100% Authentic Manufacturer's Warranties. We never sell gray market products and stand behind all of the products we offer.

6 Scale Service and Repair - We are principally involved in selling and servicing all kinds of weighing machines. We have been in this industry for more than 20 years. We provide repair, maintenance and calibration services. If your Digital balance or scale breaks we can fix it. When your scale needs calibrated, we can handle that promptly & efficiently. Our technicians are well trained to provide these essential services, ensuring your scales are weighing accurately.

Most importantly, our scales are Serviceable!

When buying a piece of electronics there are so many varying factors that can determine how the unit performs or lasts in an industrial environment. We supply a range of brand name products quite simply because they can be supported and serviced.

We also service and repair weighing scales, i can tell you that trying to get parts and calibration instructions for cheap unbranded scales is almost impossible. Importers like to keep the business to themselves so restrict the information, this never happens with the brandnames we supply. “Why?” you may ask, well we carefully select manufacturers that have been around for a long time, they supply units that are easily serviceable as information and spares are readily available from most dealers.

Next time you’re looking to buy cheap weighing scales over the internet, remember to ask yourself these questions.

Can i get it serviced locally?
Can i buy spare parts for it?


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